The Bull Moose is the main antagonist in Balto III: Wings of Change, despite having a small role.

He was voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


He was first seen watching the race angrily while making a grunting noise.

Later on in the film, Balto, along with Stella, Muk and Luk, descend deep into the territory of the very dangerous and crazed Moose. Despite warnings from Muk and Luk, Balto insisted that they press on in order to rescue the downed bush pilot Duke, as well as Boris. The group encounters the Bull Moose. Balto tries to peacefully and sensibly talk to him, telling him they do not want trouble and just want to help the poor pilot. However, the Bull Moose refused to acknowledge what Balto was trying to say and eventually attacks after Stella yelled at him. He then charges at Balto but misses when Balto jumps out of the way. Then he tries to attack Muk and Luk, but Balto distracts him by jumping on him and hanging on. He eventually gets him off after frantically moving. After Balto woke up with the help of Stella, he charged at him again, but missed when Balto moved out of the way again. Then another angry moose came and said that to the other one that he is on his turf. After a short argument, they start to fight each other by butting heads. It is unknown which bull moose won the fight. They are never seen again after this scene.


  • Bull Moose takes on a very Italian like personality in heavy reference to the mob genre ("You talking to me?").
  • He was voiced by Maurice LaMarche. Slightly ironic because LaMarche is also the voice of Balto.
  • The Bull Moose served as a replacement for the original crazed bear that appeared in the previous two films.