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The Bull Moose is the main antagonist in Balto III: Wings of Change, despite having a small role.


During the events of the film, Balto, along with Stella, Muk and Luk, descend deep into the territory of the very dangerous and crazed Moose. Despite warnings from Muk and Luk, Balto insisted that they press on in order to rescue the downed bush pilot Duke, as well as Boris. The group encounters one very unintelligent, yet formidable Bull Moose, and only upon the arrival of yet another territorial Moose do they manage to escape from the obsessed duo. It is unknown which Moose won the fight.


  • Bull Moose take on a very Italian like personality in heavy reference to the mob genre ("You talkin' to me?").
  • He was voiced by experienced voice actor Maurice LaMarche. Slightly ironic because LaMarche is also the voice of Balto.
  • The bull moose served as a replacement for the original crazed bear that appeared in the previous two films.

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