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Bob "Bull" Hurley is the main antagonist in the 1987 movie Over the Top. He is a World Arm Wreslting champion who has been undefeated in five years, and an old rival of Lincoln Hawk, the protagonist.  

Role in Movie

Hurley first appears in the pub scene near the start when Hawk wins an armwrestle against a pub-goer. He challenges Hawk to an arm-wrestle which Hawk insists they leave "til Vegas".

Vegas soon turns out to be were the World Arm Wrestling Champioships are being held, which Hawk plans to take part in. The grand prize is $100 000 and a new custom truck, which Hawk plans to use to start his own trucking company if he wins.

Nearer the end of the movie, the Championships take place, with Hurley and Hawk both winning their way to the final. Hurley shouts abuse and rants at Hawk, accusing him of avoiding arm-wrestling him for years. After a brief arm wrestle results in their hands slipping apart, a strap is placed round their hands. Hurley shouts more abuse at Hawk and punches him in the nose, for which he is disqualified, but not out, due to it being a double-elimination contest. They endure in another arm-wrestle, which lasts some time, before Hawk applies his "over the top" technique and defeats Hurley.

Hawk then wins the grand prize of $100,000 and the new truck, as well as the affection of his previously estranged son. Hurley raises Hawk's arm as the rightful winner and congradulates, accepting his loss.