Bulk is Texas Pete's other henchman and does anything that Tex says. One of his favourite things is to eat, which is why he is rather rotund. He is strong, which is what Tex needs in certain situations, but is a bit thick. This lack of brain power means that Bulk doesn't think for himself and instead blunders into situations causing havoc for Tex. He is good friends with Skeleton (Tex's other henchman). Bulk is the only other person to have known SuperTed's magic word. He knew it for a few seconds, then forgot it (much to Tex's displeasure). But during that time he said the magic word and became SuperBulk. His costume looked the same as SuperTed’s, but was a but more stretched. He zoomed around the sky like a bee and kept making buzzing sounds. He carried on all day, until the fuel in his rocket boots were empty. In The Original Adventures of Superted from the 80's, Bulk was voiced by Roy Kinnear and In The Further Adventures of Superted from the early 90's, Bulk was voiced by Frank Welker.

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