Buldeo is the main antagonist in the 1997 film The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli and Baloo.

He was portrayed by Gulshan Grover.

Role in The FilmEdit

Buldeo is first mentioned when an American explorer named Harrison says he needs a tour guide for the jungle. A man he is travelling with mentions Buldeo and Harrison decides to find him.

When Harrison arrives at Buldeo's house, he informs Buldeo that he had seen a 'wolf boy' whom he would like to take back to his circus in America. Buldeo tells Harrison that his brother was murdered by a tiger many years ago and that his son, Mowgli was lost in the jungle. Buldeo believes that the boy Harrison is speaking of is none other than his nephew, Mowgli.

Buldeo introduces Harrison to a snake charmer named Karait. Karait says that his python, Kaa will be able to track down the jungle boy. The three of them along with Chuchandra (a friend of Harrison's) set out into the jungle to capture Mowgli - however, Buldeo is now bent on killing the boy, as he is the only thing that stands in the way of Buldeo's late brother's wealth.

The four men spot Mowgli near monkey city. Buldeo attempts to shoot him right there, but the boy escapes into a tree when Karait sends Kaa to trap him. Mowgli is taken back to the men's camp. Later that night, Shere Khan the tiger attacks and Mowgli chases after him with a burning branch. Buldeo ambushes the man cub and attempts to stab him, but fails thanks to Harrison's intervention. The men place Mowgli in a cage. Mowgli is rescued the next morning by Baloo the bear.

The four men travel to monkey city. Harrison is the first to find the boy but when he tries to help him from underground, Buldeo intervenes and engages Harrison in a fight, breaking his leg in the process. He then attempts to shoot Mowgli but is frightened off by Baloo and Bagheera the panther. Buldeo goes to hide in a cannon, when the banderlog light it sending Buldeo to the other side of the jungle where he is mauled by Shere Khan the tiger. 


  • Buldeo was originally going to appear in the 1967 animated version of The Jungle Book as the secondary antagonist, but was deleted.


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