The Buildroids are hostile enemies in the video game, Tank! Tank! Tank!. They resemble giant building-like robots with a satellite dish for each head. Their official Japanese name is Buildings of Doom. They appear only as part of special/bonus missions and are not part of regular enemies in the canonical missions. They disguise themselves as high-rise buildings, but transform into humanoid giants to engage player tanks in battle. Each time they take damages, their armor falls off from them piece by piece.


The Buildroids can shoot a single red laser from its eyes, smash buildings with their huge fists, and jump in the air and land a single stomp with both feet that generates shockwave.

Role in the video game

The Buildroids first appeared in the level, "Transformation" where they went on a rampage across the city, and the tanks were sent to stop the behemoth buildings. They were eventually defeated by the tanks after causing so much destruction. While Buildroids do not display their vitality, Buildroid King does.

The Buildroids returned in the level, "Nightmare" where they once again went on a rampage across the city along with golden Buildroids. They were eventually defeated once again.

The Buildroids last appeared in the level, "Payback" along with their leader, the Buildroid King. They were all destroyed for good before the Buildroid King appears to fight the tanks.

In order to meet Buildroids players must clear the first two canonical missions with at least silver medals.

Buildroid King

Buildroid King is the leader of Buildroids. Needless to say, its offensive and defensive capabilities exceed those of Buildroid minions. Unlike its minions, The King possesses vitality that needs to be drained in order to be defeated. Due to its extraordinary stamina and immense defensive powers, clearing Buildroid King battle on time is extremely difficult to achieve and player tanks must be very strategic. In addition knowing what arsenals works most efficient in what circumstance is absolute essence. Upon defeated the King collapses, exposing parts of its mechanical brain in the process of falling.