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Nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeh, what's up COCK?!
~ Bugs annoying the crap out of the Nerd.

Bugs Bunny (also known as The Damn Bunny) is the main antagonist of a pair of Angry Video Game Nerd episodes where the Nerd reviews a family of games about the iconic cartoon character. He is one of the most dangerous, formidable, and hostile enemies the Nerd has ever faced over the decade.


Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout

While the Nerd is reviewing Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout for the NES, Bugs barges into his room, carrot in hand. The Nerd, surprised at first to have Bugs Bunny in his own house, proceeds to beat him up. Throughout the video, the Nerd was playing the game, with Bugs constantly annoying him by appearing randomly and saying vulgar variations of his catchphrases at points when the Nerd was very frustrated with the game, which lead to the Nerd beating him up each time. After the Nerd finally beats the game, he takes all his pent-up frustration out on Bugs before proceeding to defecate all over his face.

Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle

Two years later, Bugs returns. He hits the Nerd with The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle for the NES. Surprised, the Nerd proceeds to hit him, only to have Bugs block his punch and hit him back, apparently having become a much better fighter. As the Nerd plays the games that Bugs gives him (more like forcing/tricking him), he gets up to fight him in his frustration (even having Kyle Justin join in for breaking "his" couch and guitar), losing to Bugs in multiple Looney Tune-like ways (like the "Don't wanna, Do Wanna" gag, giving him a gift-wrapped dynamite stick, hitting him with a custard pie, etc.).

Bugs even gets back at the Nerd for defecating all over his face by returning the favor in the form of baseball-sized rabbit feces. While playing Woody Woodpecker in Crazy Castle 5, he makes a strange comparison of Bugs Bunny with Woody Woodpecker. Eventually, the Nerd fought back and was able to tear Bugs' head off, revealing the smaller head of Woody Woodpecker underneath. Not wanting to get beaten up by the Nerd again, Bugs blows both himself and the Nerd up with a bomb, sending them both to Hell. The episode ends with the Nerd holding up a sign which says "Fuck!", while Bugs maniacally laughs at his plight. However, the Nerd eventually managed to escape back to the land of the living, leaving Bugs trapped in Hell for seemingly all of eternity.

Mega Man Games

After the Nerd time-travels back to different eras (2007, 2006 and 2004) to play different bad Mega Man titles, he returns to the present to find Bugs, wearing the Nerd's clothes, playing Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout and reveals that he's been filling in the void ever since the Nerd left and that he'll never have to play another bad game again. The Nerd initially seems content with this, but turns back around to punch him in the stomach and beat him up before sending him flying through a wall. 





  • Bugs Bunny was the first living being for the Nerd to defecate on.