Whaddya want, Carmen! I was just muzzlin' in on my kid neighbor's paper route!
~ Buggs Zapper

Bugs Zapper is a entomophobe gangster from the 1930's, and an antagonist in the game show Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego. His name is a pun on bug zapper, referencing his entomophobia.

He was portrayed by Jamie Greenberg, replacing previous villain Baron Wasteland.


Buggs Zapper is a stereotypical gangster of 1930's New York, wielding a yellow pinstriped suit and hat. His face has a yellowish tone like his suit and is visibly scarred all over. He carries a large multipurpose bug spray pump with him that shoots not only pesticide, but can also attack with a boxing glove and many other types of offensive weapons. Zapper speaks with a thick New York accent.


Buggs is an entomophobe, meaning he is afraid of insects and bugs, although his lines usually make references to different species of insects, which then proceed to appear and interrupt him mid-speech. Game guides mention he is particularly bugged by a single fly he never seems to catch despite his best attempts. Outside of his fear, Zapper is usually loud and direct, speaking as if constantly on the edge, much like a common gangster.

Powers and BehaviorEdit

Zapper attacks the Chronoskimmer like any villain summoned by Carmen does, utilizing his bug spray to damage the exhaust port of the ship. His crimes usually target human rights, prison records and other criminality-related bounty. He would later be trapped by a Capture Orb at the Trail of Time, after the contestant successfully opened two gates.


Take that, you dirty time vermin.
~ Attacking the Chronoskimmer hatch.
Did someone call for the Exterminator?
~ Attacking the Chronoskimmer door.
Blah, blah, blah
Did I say (type of bug)?
Oh my goodness, am I ptooe'd!
~ Escaping into the Trail of Time.