The Bugbear is an antagonist from the animated television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, appearing in the hundredth episode of the show and the ninth episode in the fifth season entitled "Slice of Life".

Appearance and Powers

The Bugbear, as it's name suggests, appears to be a hybrid between and insect and a bear. It possesses a bear's body with the fur coloring of a panda, along with two additional arms, as well as insectoid antennae, wings, and the stinger of a hornet.

The Bugbear is formidable creature, as it was able to hold its own against the Mane 6 throughout the whole episode, though it was eventually defeated.


Years before the events of the episode, The Bugbear was captured and imprisoned in Tartarus by the secret agent Sweetie Drops, member of a secret anti-monster agency located in Canterlot, but it managed to escape and the agency was disbanded because of it. Sweetie Drops then moved to Ponyville under the new identity of Bon Bon.

In the episode "Slice of Life", The Bugbear assaults Ponyville, trying to get revenge on agent Sweetie Drops (or at least she thinks that's the reason why it's there). The Mane 6 spend the entire episode fighting it while the rest of Ponyville tries to prepare for Cranky and Matilda's wedding. In the conclusion of this episode, Sweetie Drops/Bon Bon announces that the Mane 6 have defeated the Bugbear, but it's fate remains ambiguous.


The mane six vs the Bugbear00:45

The mane six vs the Bugbear. Bugbear


  • In most cultures, the bugbear is visualized as a hideous humanoid creature similar to that of an ogre or troll. However, in this version the monster is depicted as a literal hybrid between a bug and a bear.
  • This is the second villain from Friendship is Magic to have escaped from Tartarus, the other being Tirek.