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Buga the Knut is a boss in the Uga Buga chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day.  He is a large, muscular caveman who wields a gigantic bone as a weapon.  Buga is angered very easily, but nothing enrages this bully more than when his girlfriend falls in love with another man.  In the events of the game, Buga's girlfriend fell in love with Conker when he appeared in the arena because he "had a bigger bone."  Buga instantly became jealous and jumped down to the arena, starting the boss fight.  He tried to attack Conker by hitting him with his bone club and trying to jump on him.  Conker could only defeat Buga with the help of a baby T-Rex, using it to pull down Buga's pants.  As Buga struggled to keep his pants up, Conker was able to go and make the T-Rex bite Buga's butt.  After Conker did this three times, Buga dropped his pants, revealing his penis.  But it turned out Buga's penis was really, really small.  Embarrassed, Buga fled the arena.