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The BugZords classification are a set of robots Vaglass sends to accompany their various MegaZords in battle. They appear to be armored Buglars with cannons on their backs. They can be deployed from jettisoned-off cocoons from the MegaZord's body or independently.

Some Bugzords were also used to boost DenshaZord's attacks in a pseudo-formation. A couple of BugZords were also used by Enter (from wreakage of the DrillZord) to distract the Go-Busters from "whatever it is" they were planning when he kidnapped Usada Lettuce.

When the ParabolaZord was being confronted by the Go-Busters, two BugZords were drained of their Enetron and then destroyed by BC-04 and SJ-05 , respectively.

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