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Bug-Eyed Bandit

Bug-Eyed Bandit, aka Bertram Larvan, is a villain in the DC universe and an enemy of the Atom who can also shrink and has control of insects. He was later killed but was revived as a member of the Black Lantern Corps. His son later took on the roll of Bug-Eyed Bandit.

He also appears in the animated show Batman the Brave and the Bold in the episode "Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure" where he is shown fighting The Atom on a windshield (they were both shrunk at the time). He later appears in the episode "The Criss Cross Conspiracy" where he, the Atom, and Batman are all shunk on a desk and he uses an army of bugs to attack them. He is almost succesful but Aquaman then comes to help the two heroes and he is defeated. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
Bug-eyed bandit II
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