Ah look, it's Ronin. Defender of the weak. Pooper of parties.
~ Bufo

Bufo is a gangster toad and a neutral character, as well as a minor antagonist in the film epic. He is the one that authorizes the illegal bird races. He was offered money if Nod lost the race, but since Nod won, this got Bufo upset. He had his gypsy moth and scorpionfly henchmen beat him up, then threatened to kill him by having his henchmen toss him to a snake. Ronin came in and jokingly suggested to toss him to a hornet's nest, and asked for Bufo to let Nod go. The toad reluctantly accepted and had his henchmen let him go. Later on, Mandrake interrogated Bufo to tell him were M.K., Ronin, Nod, Mub, and Grub went. Bufo refused to tell, even insulting Mandrake's evil plan, but Mandrake showed him his devastating power by destroying a tree, frightening Bufo and forcing him to once again say their location, which Bufo told him. At the end of the movie, he served as one of the many who watched the happy ending.


Bufo is a greedy, abusive, money-loving toad.



  • He is voiced by famous Cuban-American rapper & actor, Pitbull.
  • He is a minor villain of the film, because he did not want Nod to win, and even though he authorizes the races, he still had his henchmen beat him up.
  • He is very similar to Jabba the Hutt from "Star Wars."
    Epic Movie CLIP - Bufo (2013) - Josh Hutcherson, Beyoncé, Amanda Seyfried Movie HD

    Epic Movie CLIP - Bufo (2013) - Josh Hutcherson, Beyoncé, Amanda Seyfried Movie HD

    Bufo threatening Nod