Stormshuckle enjoying Jimmy's misery.

Bueford Lee Stormshuckle is a minor villain in the show, Jimmy Neutron. He is voiced by Bill Farmer who has also voiced Goofy the Disney character.

Dang gum prison budget cuts!!!!
~ Stormshuckle, complaining about the lack of money for real prison dogs (while carrying his barking radio)

Jimmy Neutron

In the episode, "Who Framed Jimmy Neutron",Jimmy Neutron first meets Stormshuckle when he was sent to the Retroville South Rehabilitation Facility for stealing 1 million of the new winking George Washington dollars, even though he didn't steal it. He also gave Jimmy the right to a phone call and he phoned Sheen and Carl. When the two of them got there, they were also incarcerated since they were supposed to break them out. Out in the area where the three kids were picking up trash, he got blinded (through Carl's glasses) and Jimmy and his friends managed to escape. Later, he found Jimmy and the others in Cindy's room, where he placed the four of them under arrest and deleted the evidence against himself on Cindy's computer of his Italian shoes, wooden leg, and his birthmark on his head that proved that he stole the money. He revealed to the four of the people in the room that he got Jimmy's DNA off a straw at the Candy Bar to sneak into his lab earlier to steal from his lab of Jimmy's Hypno Ray, Laser lance, and report card. When they got outside, he tried to pay Sheen "the reward money" of $1 to be quiet, but Jimmy discovers that the dollar is one of the brand new dollar bills that was stolen from the bank. He was then arrested by Officer Tubbs and was last seen picking up trash while swearing revenge at Jimmy Neutron and his friends (who got their names cleared).


He wears a standard uniform for a prison warden. He has a cowboy hat, sunglasses, Italian shoes, wooden leg, and a kidney shaped birthmark. Later, he wore a prison uniform (orange jumpsuit) when incarcerated.