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Buddy and Guy are two wanted criminals and the main antagonists in the Drake & Josh episode "The Gary Grill".

Buddy and Guy hoped to make profit by stealing hundreds of Gary Coleman grills from Gary Coleman himself. To help sell the grills, they presented themselves to Drake and Josh and offered them to sell the goods. The two boys accepted the offer, but they were completely unaware that the grills were stolen and were eventually arrested by the FBI for selling stolen products, even though they tried to tell the FBI that they didn't know they were stolen and that they didn't do anything wrong. To get her brothers out of prison and clear their names, Megan tricked Buddy and Guy into confessing through a wire and were arrested by the FBI. Then the FBI released Drake and Josh from jail after they finally discovered the truth. It is unknown what has happened to Buddy & Guy after this, but it is presumed that they are in jail for their crimes.


  • The grills that Buddy and Guy stole to give Drake and Josh to sell them were later mentioned in "Steered Straight".
  • The Gary Coleman grills that were stolen by Buddy and Guy are a parody of the George Foreman grills.

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