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The Buckner Family are monsters and the false main antagonists & secondary villains from the horror/comedy film The Cabin in the Woods. The Buckners are a family of undead sadists and murderers used by The Organization to kill unfortunate young people as part of The Ritual to please the Ancient Ones.

The item placed in the cabin's basement that summons them is a diary written by the youngest member of the family, Patience Buckner.



  • The Buckners are a huge reference to the Sawyers from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  • The way the Buckners worship pain is very similar to the Cenobites, as well as various pain-worshipping cults and cult members like Hidan.
  • The Buckners' undead immotality is very similar to that of Jason Voorhees.
  • Matthew Buckner is the only member of the family who have never died. Mother Buckner's status remains unknown.

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