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The Buckner Family are monsters and the false main antagonists & secondary villains from the horror/comedy film The Cabin in the Woods. The Buckners are a family of undead sadists and murderers used by The Organization to kill unfortunate young people as part of The Ritual to please the Ancient Ones.

The item placed in the cabin's basement that summons them is a diary written by the youngest member of the family, Patience Buckner.

Appearance and Attributes

The Buckners are seen as rotten, putrid, undead human beings looking typical of that normal zombies. However their ability to wield weaponry and kill victims in coordinated attacks, showing a delight for torturing their victims before killing them (The weapons they used include a bear-trap, hatchet, spear, saw and other implements of torture) hints that they belong to a completely different category than standard zombies.

Their background is exposed as having been a family that lived around the early 1900s and had a religion centered on pain. Torturing and killing outsiders were required by them as a test of their faith. They were also keen to regularly performing torturous activities on themselves as well.


The Buckner family was not a particularly innovative creation: except for the undead/paranormal aspect, they are almost completely identical to the historical Bloody Benders, a family of serial killers who owned an inn and small general store in Labette County, Kansas and murdered several unsuspecting travelers between years 1871 to 1873.

The basic setup of the ritual, however, with people going to an isolated cabin inadvertently resurrecting the dead via Latin inscriptions is a definite nod to The Evil Dead. They are also clearly inspired by the Hill People (endemic, anachronic people) from The Hills Have Eyes(1977), Leatherface and his family (ritualistic torture and killing) from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series and Jason Voorhees (risen from the dead to kill) from the Friday the 13th franchise.

Also, their pain-based religion, with noticeable traits of self-mutilation, seems to be inspired by the Cenobite cult in the Hellraiser franchise. Other inspiration may be the worshipping zombies who appear in the Siren game series: they are very similar in appearance, both use knives and other fieldwork implements as weapons, and both torture and kill each other as well as others who happen upon them.



  • The way the Buckners worship pain is also very similar to Hidan.
  • Matthew Buckner is the only member of the family who have never died. Mother Buckner's status remains unknown.