I was nearly attacked by a sex crazed mountain man because of you.
~ Hayley Smith about her encounter with Buckle
It's him! It's the mountain man, he's found us!
~ a horrified Stan Smith learning that Buckle has followed him and his family home to kidnap Hayley

Buckle is a mountain man who first appears in the American Dad! episode "An Apocalypse To Remember" as a retired imangineer Disney who went into hiding in the forest for ten years fearing for a nuclear apocalypse.


The Smiths meet Buckle who has saved them from a bear.

Buckle secretly follows them, stalking Hayley in an effort to abduct her to marry him. The Smiths come up with a plan to distract him from Hayley and bail Roger out of a jam when he tries to fake a wedding to get a new blender setting Buckle up with Roger's intended bride Shari Rothberg who proceeds to make his life miserable although she does have feelings for him. Buckle arrives at the wedding, attempting to kidnap Hayley but is stopped by Stan. He explains that he was desperate for Hayley since this was the first time he had seen a woman in years. In the end, Buckle marries Shari and the Smiths put their trust in Stan again.

The Smiths sit down to a tabe with Buckle.

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