"I'll squeeze the cider out of your Adam's apple."
-Moe Howard quoting Buck Wing.

Buck Wing was only mentioned in The Three Stooges short, Disorder in the Court. The Three Stooges were musicians working with the dancer Gail Tempest. They witnessed Kirk Robin talking to a hoofer named Buck Wing in the office. No one knows what they were arguing about, but Buck Wing was getting angry. He grabbed Kirk in the neck, smacks him of the head, and put his head into the letterpress. When the police broke into the office, they found Gail next to Kirk Robin's dead body with a revolver in her hand. The Stooges were called to court as main witnesses for Gail. Moe then looks at the parrot, who was at the murder scene, and sees a note tied to the parrot's foot. He opens the parrot cage, and the parrot flies out. The Stooges eventually capture the bird by shooting water at it through a fire hose, though drench the Court. Moe then reads the letter out loud and reveals that it is a confession from the real murderer, Buck Wing, clearing Gail Tempest's name. It is said he escaped to Buffalo. It is uncertain if he was ever caught.