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This is some f--ked up foreplay eh?
~ Buck before his death

Buck is an antagonist in the video-game, Far Cry 3.


Buck was born in Australia, where he joined the armed forces in his early twenties. His commanders quickly discovered his perverse addiction to inflicting pain and dismissed him. He started working as a mercenary and travelled across the world, while doing various contracts. He discovered the Rook Islands and eventually met Hoyt Volker and Vaas Montenegro. Buck then came under Hoyt's employ and would kill for him when called upon. Buck recently bought Keith Ramsay from Hoyt, keeping him in the basement of his house and using him as a sex slave. Buck make a deal with Jason; if Jason finds a dagger called Silver Dragon, he can have his friend back. After Jason finds the dagger, he receives a call from Buck, acknowledges finding dagger and then is told by Buck to meet him in his house near Badtown. Jason gives the dagger to Buck, who gives him the key to the basement where Keith is being held. After reconciling with the traumatized Keith who is clearly afraid of Buck, Buck appears and reveals that he never has any intention of releasing Keith or letting Jason go. After the boss battle, Jason kills Buck by stabbing him in the chest with the Silver Dragon. Then Jason and Keith safely leave Buck's house and return to the caves that are under Dr. Earnhardt's Mansion.