Bucho is the main antagonist of the 1995 action movie is ruthless crime lord as well brother to El Mariachi Desperado. He was played by Joaquim de Almeida.


The ruler of the mexican town of Tarasco and drug dealer. El Mariachi, a gunfighter and hero, gets Bucho's attention by coming to his town and killing his men, who own a bar. Later Bucho investigates the bar and his dead men and orders his henchmen to hunt El Mariachi down because he hears a kid playing a guitar and realizes El Mariachi killed his men. El Mariachi finds out that Bucho is selling drugs and has the town under his thumb.

Bucho later questions Carolina, love interest and redeemed villain, she tells him that she doesn't know anything but Bucho later discovers that she lied to him and has his men burn down her bookstore with her in it. The next day Bucho and his goons battle El Mariachi and Carolina and El Mariachi sees a clear shot at Bucho and refuses to kill him. Bucho orders his henchmen to kill anyone in town that they don't know, which turns into a final battle between Bucho and his men and El Mariachi and his allies. El Mariachi and his allies kill the majority of Bucho's men and after El Mariachi and Carolina take the kid with the guitar to the hospital, El Mariachi confronts Bucho's house.

It's revealed that El Mariachi and Bucho are brothers. Bucho proposes a deal with El Mariachi that he'll let everything go if he kills Carolina. Instead El Mariachi produces guns from his sleeves and shoots Bucho, killing him.