Bubbles has been a villain with rudness on certain sketches for the PuppetGreetings E-cards like the water cooler bob scenes with a name of "Brenda". She was first a protagonist and a sidekick for Brushbrush and Timmy the Tooth in the 1994 Universal puppet series "The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth" who tends to take lead of certain tasks for every adventure Timmy and friends go like Molar Island, the ancient pyramid and more. In the "Christmas at the Watercooler" sketch, she mistreats Bob because he has a mistletoe on top of his head and starts to think it's some other leaves causing her to think it's funny to think he's a pathetic person with the leaves attached with the metal string. Another sketch where Bob wants Brenda is that she was disappointed at Bob for letting Bubbles know that he was stalking her online, but then she runs away with the statement "Doh, Creep!". There is a spoof for the pornographic series "Girls Gone Wild" parody e-card where she attempts to reveal her nipples towards the viewer where it was censored with the "Puppet Greetings" watermark so that the viewer isn't offended by sexual body parts of the puppet.