Go ahead! Fight your way though every robot I stationed here! Avoid every trap I so carefully laid out. I'll be waiting for you. I'll be here preparing your watery grave! And I'll say "Welcome to Davy Jones' Locker!"
~ Bubble Man

Bubble Man is a supporting antagonist in Mega Man 2, and a minor character and antagonist in the rest of the Mega Man franchise. He is one of the original eight Robot Masters constructed by Dr. Wily to destroy Mega Man.

Background Edit

Bubble Man was the third Robot Master created by Dr. Wily following Air Man and Metal Man. He is designed for underwater combat but is unable to walk on land. The cause was a defect in Bubble Man's system. He moves by simply jumping. Despite the flaw, Bubble Man is able to swim at remarkable speed. Therefore, he favors the water.

Battle Edit

Bubble Man attacks by using his arm canon to fire normal projectiles. His trademark weapon is called Bubble Lead. The Bubble Lead is a medium-sized bubble and it inflicts much damage. Bubble Man will also release smaller but weaker bubbles. They will temporarily trap Mega Man or push him against a wall of spikes that cause instant death. The best way to defeat Bubble Man is to use the Metal Blade while avoiding his attacks.

Other Games Edit

Mega Man 3 Edit

Bubble Man is one of eight Robot Masters being downloaded into Doc Robot. Doc Robot increases Bubble Man's strength for his rematch with Mega Man.

Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge Edit

Bubble Man is one of four Robot Masters. He is similar to his version in Mega Man 2.

Wily & Right's Rock Board: That's Paradise Edit

In this game, Bubble Man is in the form of a playing card. He is also a boss.

Mega Man Soccer Edit

Because this a soccer game, Bubble Man is a soccer player. He is a balanced player but he doesn't have his own team. Therefore, he must be a part of another player's team.

Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters Edit

Like most of the other Mega Man games, Bubble Man is a boss. He still uses Bubble Lead but is equipped with claws for a new attack.

Super Adventure Rockman Edit

Mega Man will reach a river. If the player decides to pass the river, Mega Man will fight Bubble Man. If the player loses, Mega Man sinks into an underwater crevasse. If the player wins, Mega Man moves on.

Rockman Strategy Edit

This is the only game where Bubble Man isn't a boss. Instead, he is a body of Virgo. Eventually, he joins Stone Man and Burst Man to defeat Mega Man's team.

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