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Bubble-Master is a DC comics supervillain who sought infamy and a chance to become a "master villain", instead he would become an assistant super-villain to the more successful Villo.

As a standard super-criminal Bubble-Master was ambitious and armed with many trick-weaponry fashioned around bubbles (his chosen "gimmick"), helping Villo with a jewel-store robbery and facing the Challengers of the Unknown in the process.

Surprising Bubble-Master managed to defeat the Challengers long enough for him and Villo to escape aboard his vessel - yet as the Challengers returned for a second-fight Villo grew tired of Bubble-Master and usurped the vessel for himself while tossing Bubble-Master to his demise (yet Bubble-Master saved himself via a parachute).

Later he would aid Villo in breaking out of jail, despite the former's betrayal, this impressed Villo sufficiently that he opted to keep Bubble-Master as his assistant / "apprentice" super-villain.

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