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Bubbleis one of the boss bears in the eighth episode of Naughty Bear, along with Cop Gordon. He is Danger Bear's biggest fan.


Episode 8

Cop Gordon has come up with a plane to get rid of Naughty Bear. He invited him to a party as a cake-tester, knowing he loves cake. Naughty Bear arrives, oblivious to the trap. Bubble is shown laughing under his breath as he sees Naughty. Naughty tries to shake paws with Cop Gordon, but he knocks over some jelly and presses a button, causing some search lights to rise from the ground. Seeing the search lights, a group of superheroes known as the X-Bears fly into the scene. Realizing the X-Bears have come to kill him, Naughty runs away. Naughty then decides to kill Bubble and Cop Gordon.

Bubble and Cop Gordon have put X-Bears all over the Island, so Naughty must be careful. He crosses to the Disco, then the Factory, and then to the Cabin where Bubble and Cop Gordon are located. Bubble is armed with an Uzi to defend himself, making him a difficult opponent. This is even more difficult considering all the bears will attack him as well. A huge battle breaks out, and Naughty kills both Bubble and Cop Gordon before running away.

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