Bryn Beitbart is the main antagonist of Jessie's Season 2 episodes, "Kids Don't Wanna Be Shunned" and "Diary Of A Mad Newswoman".

She is portrayed by Katherine McNamara.

Role in the episodes

"Kids Don't Wanna Be Shunned"

In her first appearance, she was invited to the sleepover in the penthouse. Later, he goes back to the friends of Emma Ross against telling outright lies that is the next in line to the throne of the Danish Royal Family. When going to the movies with friends Ross and Emma Jessie discovers and throw popcorn and soda pro which she admits all its sham and Emma tells him that if it will be good friend, is invited to the group. Beitbart tells him thank you very much but when Emma turns, Bryn throws a box of nachos, which receives Rosie for non-staining blouse Ross, and after this fact she escapes of the cinema before the security arrives. Possibly, she told to the security where Jessie and Emma were.

"Diary Of A Mad Newswoman"

In his last appearance, she will apologize to Emma by the events of "Kids Don't Wanna Be Shunned" for which she accepts. She tries to make jokes in the cafeteria and thus ensures that the school principal send Ravi to fire Emma, but eventually returns to confess his farce, and the director fired her from the team, but is saved from expulsion.