Brutus (The Little Polar Bear)


Brutus is the major antagonist from The Little Polar Bear series. 

The Little Polar Bear

Brutus is the villainous leader of the gang of polar bears (which consists of his two bumbling lackeys Bert and Boris) who delight in hunting seals. Over the course of the series, he dislikes Lars because he messes with his hunting plans.

Brutus is simply a neighborhood grump in the original film, although he is evil when he interrogates a lemming and threatens Lars's dad, but redeems himself after Lars saves him from the Black Mouth.

But his wickedness is shown when in The Mysterious Island, he leaves Lars, Robby, and Caruso behind on a train to be transported from the Arctic. In The Dream of Flying, he picks on Yuri the Puffin, but is outwitted when he gets splattered with oil.


  • Brutus is voiced by Daran Norris in the original film.
  • He is not really the villain in the original film, but throughout the series, he is an archenemy to Lars.