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Brutus (left) in his masters' (right) boat with an engine.

Brutus is the secondary antagonist of Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown. He is the Camp Bullies' vicious cat (which Sally misidentifies as a dog) who intimidates even Snoopy. He always attacks Woodstock. Like his owners, he is frightened by Linus' way of using his security blanket for a weapon. He is eventually beaten up by Snoopy as punishment for always attacking Woodstock.


  • He is claimed to be the "Cat Next Door," who slashes at Snoopy.
  • He reappears in Someday You'll Find Her, Charlie Brown, in which he is Mary Jo's pet. At first he attacks Snoopy as a stranger, but eventually softens.
  • Brutus has the same name as Brutus & Nero in The Rescuers.

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