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Brutus was a boss of House of the Dead: Overkill.

He was originally one out of two convicts who were both charged for countless crimes (including one instance of eating a little boy's puppy) before being killed on the electric chair six months ago and then "tinkered on" by Clement. The two shared the same mutant appearance; big and fat, covered in tattoos, wearing a black skin-tight mask on their heads (very similar to that of the second game's boss Strength), and with a multi-dagger crossbow-like launcher on their handless right arms. Clement originally sent them both to attack G and Washington, however his partner moved in to attack. Brutus responded by elbowing his partner in the face, breaking his neck, and beat him into a bloody pulp. He then lets out a massive roar, as well as a dagger, as he turns his attention to the two agents.

Instead of a Tarot Card, Brutus is based off of the Shakespearean character Brutus of Julius Caesar, who is the first to stab Caesar (like how this monster strikes down his partner).

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