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Brute War Chieftains ares the second highest ranked Brutes, responsible for commanding packs of Brute Stalkers. War Chieftains outrank regular Brute Chieftains and wield heavy ranged weapons to take out foes. They are often seen guarding smaller outposts than regular Chieftains, and sometimes serve as commanding officers aboard Scarabs.

List of Appearences

Halo 3

Crow's Nest

At the bomb, a War Chieftain is first seen speaking with the High Prophet of Truth. Although when noticing John 117, he and his forces will attack.

Tsavo Highway

At the final part, the War Chieftain is seen along with many Brutes, Jackals and Grunts.

The Ark

When the player is to escape, a War Chieftain appears with some Brutes and attacks the player.

The Covenant

About four War Chieftains appear in this mission. One who's guarding the first Anti-Air tank, one guarding the final tower and two aboard the Scarabs outside of Truth's Citadel.

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