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The pack will feast on you!
~ Chieftain to John 117

Brute Chieftains, also know as the Alpha Brutes, is the third highest rank in the Brute social and military hierarchy. Chieftains serve the main purpose of commanding their pack in military actions as well as serving multiple other roles as the leader of a group of a half-a-dozen or more Brutes as well as several lower caste species within a pack.

Halo 3 Appearences:

  • Sierra 117: One Chieftain, accompanied by other troops, will be seen guarding the marine prisoners.
  • Crow's Nest: One Chieftain leads a Pack when John begins to go and rescue the marine prisoners in the barracks.
  • The Storm: When the Hunters are killed, outside will be a Chieftain alongside many Covenant troops
  • The Ark: One alongside Jump Pack Brutes will appear at the end.
  • The Covenant: One will be seen guarding the first tower and another will be seen guarding the Prophet of Truth.

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