Brutal Obscene/Obscure Beast, or simply, BOB, is a Creepypasta Creature. According to the original story, The Brutal Obscene Beast, was said to look very slender to the point where his skin as bones, grey pale skin a wide large mouth and jaw with a very circular head, flat nose, razor shape toenails, male genitalia and Armless.


Although he has no arms, BOB in the original story was shown to be a very sadist creature, by the likes of running at extreme lengths and a lot faster than a normal human being, Intense strength in the legs in which could crush bones and having the ability to urinate a Pea-Green substance that can burn people due to it having sulfuric acid scent.

Some fans believe BOB to be related to another CreepyPasta monster known as The Rake , due to their pale skin features and body shape appearance. Only difference between the 2 is that The Rake has arms with very shape claws who often crawls while BOB is armless but stands upright.