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Brushogun was the (false) main villain of the animated movie Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo


He is formerly a Tokyo artist who fell in love with a woman he drew on his picture. He used Japanese dark magic to bring her to life as the same with all his artistic creations, but was then cursed with the ability to create live ink drawings. he became Tokyo's first supervillain known as Brushogun.

During his time, Brushogun was believed responsible for various criminal outbreaks in Tokyo, presumably by using his powers to accomplish his reign over Tokyo through spreading fear and chaos. He was eventually defeated and captured by the proper authorities.

In the present day, a creation of Brushogun was sent to attack the Teen Titans and has destroyed their Tower. Yet upon tracking him down, the Titans discover he is actually an innocent yet frail old man hooked up to a giant printing press and held captive by Police Commander Uehara Daizo, who forced Brushogun to create criminals that Daizo would capture to look like a hero. When Daizo jumps into Brushogun's vat of magical ink, he emerges as an ink monster, which absorbs Brushogun. Robin defeats the monster by pulling Brushogun out of it, causing the ink creature to revert back to Daizo. Finally released, Brushogun thanks Robin before peacefully and happily dying in his arms by fading into nothingness.

Powers and Abilities

Brushogun has the power to accomplish magical effects from his own paintings, mostly for making living creatures. His entire being is made of supernatural ink, which he can release in its basic colors (red, yellow, blue) and mix them to form his paintings through will. The creatures that are birthed from his ink can be imbued with superhuman powers, and can regenerate damage in moments, even to the point of regrowing lost limbs. However, since his creations are largely ink-based, they all share a fatal vulnerability to water, which dissolves and destroys them.

Known creations and their cultural influences

  • Saico-Tek resembles a Power Ranger or a Kamen Rider.
  • Deka-Mido, a giant green reptilian monster that resembles film monsters Godzilla (Japan) and Gorgo (Great Britain).
  • The yellow sushi-obssessed robot that Cyborg fights is an homage to Boss Borot from Mazinger.
  • Nya-Nya, a pink cat-girl (a nod to typical anime catgirls such as Ana Puma from Dominion Tank Police).
  • Mecha-Boi, a blue robot that resembles Astro-Boy (Tetsuwan Atom in Japanese).
  • Raven's ghost-like opponent is based on No-Face from Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away.
  • The Tokyo Troopers, living ink creatures looking like human police troopers.



  • The name Brushogun obviously consists of the English word "brush" and the Japanese term "shogun", meaning "general".
  • The way Brushogun was tied to chords in a black body with a machine is a reference to the Animatrix segment, Part 2 of The Second Renaissance, where it told how machines and robots imprisoned humankind in virtual reality and used them to power their vehicle, Zero One.
  • His mutation in his youth greatly resembles the Spider-Man villains Venom and Carnage.
  • Brushogun was indeed a villian in his younger days but was only being used as an ink dispenser in the movie therefore making him innocent at the time.
  • Brushogun resembles Nagato/Pain that later appeared in Naruto Shippuden. Both are hooked up to a machine, both are major antagonists, both are malnourished, both control creations to do their biddings, both turn good in the end and also die.

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