A Brujo Chilote is a powerful and evil type of warlock from Chilote folklore that has gained an almost mythical status amongst many - it is believed that their magic is so powerful that it requires the equally potent aid of a Machi to defeat them and their have been numerous tales of how a Machi has managed to cure an illness that had seemingly been impossible to cure by orthodox means, with locals believing the illness was actually invoked by a Brujo Chilote.

A Brujo Chilote may reside in a cave or other remote and forboding area, sometimes the cruel warlock would create a wretched Imbunche servant from a child he had stolen from a nearby village and literally twisted into a monstrosity.

A Brujo Chilote may also be regarded as a particularly powerful Kalkus (which is the Chilote name for evil practitioners of magic) - the name translates roughly into "Warlock Of Chiloe"