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This nation brought the world television, the steam engine, golf, whiskey, penicillin and of course the deep fried Mars bar.

~ Bruce Robertson about Scotland

Bruce as potrayed by James MacAvoy

Bruce Robertson is a character in the 1998 Irvine Welsh novel Filth as well as the 2013 film of the same name.

He is an amoral, racist, sexist, psychopathic, misanthropic Machiavellian detective sergent who will do whatever it takes to get a promotion.

Bruce is a detective sergent in Edinburgh's Lothian Constabulary, who spends his time indulging in cocaine, and alcohol abuse, sexually abusive relationships, compulsive gorging on junk food and his penchant for "The Games", Bruce's euphemism for the myriad foul plots he hatches directed at his workmates.

In the film he was potrayed by James McAvoy who also portrays Kevin Crumb in M Night Shyamalan's Split.

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