The Brotherhood of Nada, some brand new friends I picked up who have *NOTHING* in common!
~ Mister Nobody, recruting Lucius Reynolds into his gang

The Brotherhood of Nada is a DC comics supervillain group and a revamp of the older Brotherhood of Dada - formed by Mister Nobody to continue his insane ideology of spreading chaos for the sake of chaos.

In theme with Nobody's madness he specifically created the Brotherhood of Nada by gathering supervillains with nothing in common, simply to prove the absurdity of reality.

While a relatively new group with limited on-panel schemes the group were known to have a sinister masterplan involving a food additive known as $♯!+, which Nobody planned on using to break reality.


  • Mister Nobody (founder / leader)
  • 50% Chad
  • The Breeze
  • The Brutalist
  • Hector the Boy Detector
  • Lucius Reynolds

Affiliated Teams

  • Brotherhood of Evil (very loose connection, former aide to Mister Nobody)
  • Brotherhood of Dada (original team from whom Nada gained their nihilistic ideologies)

Notable Enemies