Cool Judge RS

Judge Broseph Chillaxton is a judge who keeps the "laws of cool" from them being broken. His first appearance has been in "Cool Bikes".


When Mordecai and Rigby are summoned to the "Courthouse of Cool" for being too cool, the Cool Judge presides over the trial. He, like any other judge, does not show favorites and hears everyone out, telling the prosecuting attorney to "roll with it bro, I'll allow it". His court, like any other, has many witnesses, including Muscle Man, Benson and the Das Coolest Employee. The Cool Planet blew up, killing him. He was revived in "Exit 9B", but was sent back to Hell, killing him again.


He is an invisible man. He has a white curled judge's wig, white gloves, black sunglasses, and a black robe.


  • He was briefly seen in "Exit 9B" (on his judge chair) while Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. and Sr. remarked that the park dwellers were "outnumbered".
  • His name "Broseph" appears to a combination of the words "Bro" and "Joseph".
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