Bronze Kneecap

And on that day, I sought to end the Chin's career; like he ended mine. So, I melted my third place trophies and became the Bronze Kneecap! *laughs*
~ Ron to Timmy and the Crimson Chin
The Bronze Kneecap is a nemesis of the Crimson Chin. He employs a number of weapons from the kneecaps of his bronze suit. His real name is Ron Hambone.

He is voiced by legendary voice actor Dee Bradley Baker.


First Fight

The Bronze Kneecap has strapped the Chin to a giant mechanical knee. The Chin was freed by Cleft but the reflex made the leg to kick a giant soccer ball towards Chincinnati City Hall. The Chin defeated the Bronze Kneecap and sent him to Chincinnati Jail.

Body of Evil

The Kneecap met four other metallic vilains at jail and the five villains formed a Body of Evil to finally defeat the Crimson Chin and Cleft.

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