Broken Hand

Broken Hand is a alpha male Velociraptor who appears in the TV series, Dinosaur Planet. He comes close to being the main antagonist in the episode, "White Tip's Journey".


He is a injured pack leader of a small pack. Before the beginning of the episode, he and his pack slaughtered another pack. The only survivor is the female Velociraptor named White Tip. In the episode, Broken Hand and his pack, are attracted to a smell of blood, and they follow the scent and found White Tip feasting on a Protoceratops carcass. She noticed the pack is strong, and she tries to join them, however Brokan Hand shows aggression to her. But the other male in the pack, Blue Brow, fights him off. He wins and takes Broken Hand's place as the new leader and accepts White Tip to the pack. Months later, starving Broken Hand comes late at night in White Tip's nest and feast on two of her five eggs. White Tip noticed him and she chased him away. Later on as the pack went out to hunt, they seen Broken Hand trying to bring down the Prenocephale, but he failed and he is too weak to fight the others off, and the pack leaves him to his fate.

He was shown deceased in the near end of the episode, however the pack did not feast on him.