Brody Winton is the main antagonist of Jessie's Season 1 episode, "The Princess and the Pea Brain".


Winton is a rich guy who has a motorcycle and a grandmother living in a penthouse. He met Jessie Prescott at the entrance of her condo and falls easily. Notably, Luke, Emma, and Ravi also begin to admire him more than Tony Chiccolini, except Zuri, who like Chiccolini, and hate it from the start. After that, Zuri makes sense into Prescott with a fairy tale invented by her, Prescott says he can no longer go out with Tony because she already had promised to Brody, but just then, Bertram Winkle reveals that Winton has another girlfriend named Caitlin, so when discovered, Brody decided to leave the penthouse and tell Jessie to regret that. However, whe he took the elevator, it's attacked by the snake of Ravi's magic hat, and the elevator is closed, leaving him locked up with the reptile. It's completely unknown if Brody was eaten alive by Ravi's snake or not.