Brockenman was a Nazi chojin during the 20th Choujin Olympics. When the tournament came, he was scheduled to fight Ramenman. The bell for their match rang and Brockenman started the fight by blinding his rival with his shirt. He then showed spiked brass knuckles and punched the Chinese chojin in the face for a few times, but did not want to win by submission. The Nazi then deployed a poison gas attack from his mouth to try and finish Ramenman. However, when the gas abated, Ramenman retaliated by attacking him with kung-fu attacks, eventually entrapping him in his Camel Clutch. Brockenman tried to break free, but was split in two (in the anime version of the fight, Ramenman instead crushed Brockenman, turned him into ramen noodles and ate him alive). What Ramenman would not suspect was that Brockenman had a son named Brocken Jr. who wanted revenge.

ラーメンマン-キャメルクラッチ (Ramenman - Camel Clutch)01:13

ラーメンマン-キャメルクラッチ (Ramenman - Camel Clutch)

Brockenman killed by the Camel Clutch.