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Humanity has proven itself to be quite adept at making mistakes, hell it's the only thing we truly excel at...
~ Brock Mason

Brock Mason is the main antagonist/Bigger Bad and final boss of the video game Dead Rising. The reason for this was because he led the massacre in Santa Cabeza that caused Carlito and Isabela Keyes to go insane and try to kill the people in Willamette and the United States. He is the leader of a military Special Forces group sent to eliminate the Zombies and any survivors to cover up the incident.


He is a cynical man with an obvious contempt for humanity along with anyone else. He attacks using a tank at first before he decides to talk to Frank, in which he reveals he is one of the main reasons the outbreak started in the first place.

After this, the real final battle is waged on top of the tank, a basic hand-to-hand combat made more difficult by the fact that a massive horde of zombies are surrounding the tank from all sides, making falling off a rather unpleasant experience. In the end Brock is defeated and falls off the tank into the horde of zombies and is devoured, all with a faint smile.

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