AO Broccoli Overlord
Veggies Rule!
~ Broccoli Overlord before ending a transmission!

The Broccoli Overlord is the leader of the broccoli aliens and a recurring antagonist in The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange.  He is voiced by Rob Paulsen.

The Broccoli Overlord is first seen in the episode Marshmalia (first episode of the television series) trying to get Orange to surrender.  However because of Orange's annoying personality, the Broccoli Overlord shoots down Orange's ship causing them to crash into Marshmalia. 

He is responsible for the veggie zombies in the episode Veggie Zombies in an attempt to destroy all fruit on Earth.  The zombies are defeated by Orange's laugh and his plan is ruined.

In his third appearance, Fruitastic Voyorange, He abducts Nerville and plants an alien laser into his "brain" that causes him to unwillingly shoot lasers out of his eyes (mostly when he sneezes) in another attempt to destroy all fruit on Earth.  Orange and his friends shrink down to get into Nerville's "brain" to get the laser out.  The Broccoli Overlord has his ship shrunk down as well to try and stop them but is defeated and the group gets the laser out.  They are unshrunk and the Broccoli Overlord demands to be unshrunk as well.  Orange shoots the laser at his ship, forcing him to flee.