Broccoli Leader (better known as Broccoli Cruise) was an alien
Broccoli leader
scientist who only appeared in Close Encounters of the Annoying Kind as the main antagonist. He was the leader of his UFO until he was killed by the Vivisector 9000, his own creation. But he appeared in The Weenies saying "Show me the money!".


Broccoli Leader was an alien scientist who traveled across the universe to find the most intelligent life on the planets and studying them by dissecting them with a machine called the Vivisector 9000. Orange thought he was Justin Bieber, the world-famous popstar, and made up Bieber puns. He unfortunately picked up Orange and Pear, and when the Vivisector 9000 was looking for intelligent life, Orange was marked as unintelligent (no surprise there), and when looking for intelligent life, it detected the Broccoli Leader as the first intelligent life form and killed him with the blast.


The Broccoli Leader was an evil alien broccoli. While talking to Orange and Pear he is really rude, and according to the absence of the loyality of the Broccoli Minions to their leader (at the same moment he dies they upgrade Orange to their leader), he wasn't popular. The leader wears black sunglasses and is bigger than his minions to stand out his position.


  • He is the fourth character to wear sunglasses, first being MysteryPotatoMan, second being Evil Orange, third being Cucumber and the fifth being Rockinrutabaga.
  • Surprsingly, in the TV show he comes back and tries to get his revenge by killing all fruits, and letting in vetgables to take over the world.


  • "Alright, minions, show me the money! Whad yadda have for me?"
  • "Silence!"
  • (laughs evilly)
  • "Oh crap." (last words)