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Brocco-Lee is one of the Boss Pirates, the leaders of the Tabemon Monsters from the video-game "The Munchables".
His name is based on his appearance as a vaguely humanoid broccoli plus his style of fighting, which is similiar in some ways to famous action-heroes such as Bruce Lee.
However instead of martial-arts, this warrior vegetable hurls volleys of radish bombs and spiky carrot missiles at the hero, and closely guards a weak-spot on his back with a spin attack.
Brocco-Lee is very vain and hates people messing around with his "hair" - he is also highly aggressive and attacks without mercy once angered.
However he was no match for the hungry hero and was devoured, however, a lock of his "hair" managed to somehow escape and alerted the other Boss Pirates to a disturbance.

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