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Brobot is the name of the robot that Mr. L controls in an attempt to kill the heroes. Brobot is described as a hovering, head-shaped robot. Mr. L built it himself, but after the robot's destruction, is rebuilt into the form of Brobot L-type.

Mr. L calls Brobot his "metal bro", but calls Brobot L-type his "metal friend"

In the course of the story, Mario fights Brobot in chapter 4-4, the Whoa Zone. The heroes fight it after fighting Mr. L himself. The fight between the heroes and Brobot occurs in space, with the help of your ally Squirps. In the battle, you must use the five different Choco-Bars floating by, in order to gain an advantage on Brobot.


  • Max HP is 255, Attack is 4, Defense is 3.
  • Brobot has the most HP of any boss in the entire game, however; due to the fact that you fight in space with Squirp's laser, is much easier and quicker than other bosses.

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