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Brittney Wong

Brittney Wong is a recurring antagonist in the Disney XD animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is the head cheerleader of Echo Creek Academy who is Star Butterfly's rival and occasional enemy.


Brittney has black hair that reaches down to her waist, brown eyes and light skin tone. She dresses in a white and purple shirt with a purple skirt, purple shoes and white socks. Her cheerleading uniform is yellow with a white stripe with the initials E.C.A. (Echo Creek Academy) inside and red trim.


Brittney is a very arrogant, spoiled, and snobbish girl who belittles a bunch of the students at the school, most particularly Star Butterfly. She disapproves of her magic, and is usually jealous of her getting more attention than her. One example is that she didn't invite Star to her party, even though the latter was trying to make it better for her much to her chagrin.


  • She is based off the common "Valley Girl" stereotype found in most high school shows and films.
  • She is a bit similar to Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls before the latter reedemed herself. Both have the same attitude, and both have a main rivalry with the main female character. Unlike Brittney however, Pacifica is only Mabel's rival, never enemy.
  • Brittney has a habit of whipping her hair at someone or something disgusts her.


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