Brittney Savage @ FFVI

Brittney Savage (aka Brooke Carter) is a semi-retired professional wrestler best known for portraying a villainess in the Women Superstars Uncensored promotion, where she held the WSU Tag Team Championship twice and the WSU Spirit Championship three times.


Brittney debuted for WSU as a babyface under the name Brooke Carter in 2008, and within months, she won the WSU Tag Team Championship with Miss April as her partner. After Miss April was signed by WWE (where she had a memorable career as AJ Lee), Brooke chose Alicia to replace her as her partner, but they would lose the tag titles to Jessicka Havok and Hailey Hatred. A week after losing the titles, Brooke turned into a villainess and attacked Alicia, while also aligning with Rick Cataldo. The heel turn also included a name change, as Brooke Carter became Brittney Savage.

A week after her villainous turn, the evil Brittney captured the Spirit Championship in a three-way match against Becky Bayless and Latasha, and would become embroiled in a heated feud with Alicia. In their rivalry, Brittney and Alicia swapped the title several times, including an Empty Arena Match, which saw Brittney defeat Alicia. Brittney lost the title to Sassy Stephie at WSU's 4th Anniversary Show on March 5, 2011. After the match, Brittney attacked her manager, Rick Cataldo, turning back into a babyface.

Brittney brought her evil persona to NCW Femmes Fatales on June 4, 2011, doing so when she cheated her way to defeating Cherry Bomb at FFVI. Brittney also appeared as a villainess at Shine Wrestling and defeated Heidi Lovelace at SHINE 7 on February 22, 2013. A month later, Brittney was defeated by Su Yung at SHINE 8.

As a villainess, Brittney was portrayed as opportunistic and traitorous, which was displayed when she turned against Alicia. She also often played the arrogant heel on several occasions.