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Code-named Britt was a former supermodel turned CVO vampire field agent. She became a living conduit for the Undermind, the zombie gestalt, and encountered the Ghostbusters while amassing power for it.

She appeared in the IDW comic storyline Infestation, which crosses-over the Ghostbusters, Star Trek, G.I. Joe, and Transformers comics.


Britt was a supermodel in the 1970s, then later joined the Covert Vampiric Operations (CVO) outfit as a Vampire field agent. During a mission at Kirtland Underground Munitions Storage Complex, Britt and the team she was part of were sent to stop and contain the Infestation spread by the Undermind. The complex housed some deeply classified tech equipment, including an inter-dimensional portal. The portal served as a gateway to Dimension Z where the Infestation originated from. The head of CVO's Occult Scientific Research, Benny the Smith, who was also a Zombie, was overwhelmed by the Undermind and bit Britt on her right leg. She contracted the virus and became both Zombie and Vampire.

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