British Taxi

The British Taxi

The British Taxi is the main antagonist in "Ello Gov'nor" from Regular Show, a film about as a possessed taxi that kills members of a street gang that murdered the driver.

Rigby, who is scared by the movie, imagined himself being frequently attacked by the taxi.

There is also a costume for The British Taxi, worn by The Movie Shack Hut Employee to track down Mordecai and Rigby to get the late tape.

In other media

  • The British Taxi made a cameo appearance in the My Little Pony TV special The Return of Emperor Pilaf, in one of the doors in Emperor Pilaf's castle. Philoctetes opens his door and he appears saying "Ello, Gov'nor!"


  • While the plot of the movie claims that the car's driver seeks vengeance on those who murdered him, but he just seems to go after random people.
  • "Ello Gov'nor" was a popular British greeting phrase during the early 20th century.
  • The British Taxi resembles to a Were-Car from "The Honking" in Futurama.
  • The British Taxi is based on the Austin LTI FX4.
  • The British Taxi resembles the car in "2 in the AM PM".
  • The British Taxi may be a parody of the movie "Christine."
  • He got attacked by Rigby but then it turned out to be a costume worn by The Movie Shack Hut Employee.