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Britannian Noble

The Nobles are the Holy Britannian Empire's highest position. They enjoy absolute power over everyone that is not a noble or a Britannian Imperial Family member, and are also extremely wealthy. After Lelouch became Emperor of Britannia, Nobility was abolished. Sometimes Nobles are seen player chess to develop and demonstrate tactical skill. 

Noble Ranks

  1. Grand Duke
  2. Duke
  3. Marquess
  4. Margrave
  5. Earl
  6. Viscount
  7. Baron

Known Nobles

Name Rank Status Image
Jeremiah Gottwald Margrave Alive
Villetta Nu Baroness Alive
Kanon Maldini Earl Alive
Calares Duke Deceased (in 2018 by Lelouch vi Britannia)
Kewell Soresi Pureblood Deceased (in 2017 by Kallen Kozuki)
Marika Soresi Pureblood Deceased (in 2018 by Kallen Kozuki)
Lloyd Asplund Earl Alive
Kallen Stadtfield Unknown Alive
The Black King Unknown Deceased (in 2018 by Britannian soldiers)
Unnamed Britannian Noble Unknown Unknown

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