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Bring him down, sisters!
~ A Brigmore Witch while attacking Daud
The Brigmore Witches are a mysterious witch coven located at the old Brigmore Manor in the Flooded District. They are led by Delilah and serve as the primary antagonist faction in the Dishonored DLC The Brigmore Witches.



Similar to the Whalers, each witch receives her power from the leader of the coven, Delilah, who has been granted her powers by the Outsider. The witches are able to teleport, unleash a scream which knocks the target backwards and can create and shoot shadow projectiles at their enemies.

The witches also use necromancy-like magic to protect their manor. They bewitch the skulls of dead dogs, causing them to reanimate when an enemy is nearby. The skeleton dogs get back up each time they are defeated until their skull is destroyed.


If the witches are not alerted to Daud's presence, their skin is normal coloured. However, during battle they turn into green, plant-like women. Despite Delilah's claim in The Knife of Dunwall, stating that she would prefer not to kill Daud for her sisters' sake - thus implying that the witches respect Daud, all witches are hostile in The Brigmore Witches.


Knife of Dunwall

During The Knife of Dunwall, only the coven's leader Delilah is encountered. Having turned Daud's second-in-commandant Billie Lurk against him, she amusedly watches how events unfold. She eventually reveals herself, threatening Daud not to seek for her anymore - elsewhise she would kill him.

The Brigmore Witches

Some Brigmore witches are encountered when Daud works for Nurse Trimble. Inside the sewers near the textile mill, Daud can hear a woman asking for help. She claims to be hurt and cannot get up without help. If Daud helps her, the woman reveals herself to be a Brigmore Witch and attacks Daud.

Another ambush is laid by other Brigmore Witches in the sewers. If Daud turns a wheel to open a gate, he can her voices whispering that someone is coming for them. If he continues this way, he is ambushed by three Brigmore Witches who attempt to kill him.

Most notably, the witches are encountered when Daud infiltrates Brigmore Manor to take down Delilah. Having been warned about Daud's arrival, the witches patrol the precinct to prevent him from finding Delilah. Daud can either fight them or sneak past them.

Eventually, Daud learns of Delilah's plan to possess Empress Emily Kaldwin to rule in her stead. Daud manages to follow Delilah into the void and defeats the witch.

Dishonored 2

Delilah and the Brigmore Witches are confirmed to return in Dishonored 2.


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